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UI for viewing tracks created on top of Swisstopo material
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Some background
This tool was created in the context of #makeopendata hackdays for this particular project
However, much bigger motivation was that me getting started with using OpenLayers and the awesome APIs.

The tool allows you to create(digitize) a track(polyline) using Swisstopo maps and save the result in a Fusion Table.

LIVE demo URL:
Fusion Table URL:
Fusion Table KML link(for Google Earth):

How to use this tool
If you are lazy just watch this video or
- open
- navigate to the area where you want to record a new track (use searchbox for quickly lookup known names)
- click 'Add new track', the mouse cursor will change, you can start registering your track. When done, double click to finish registering
- fill the Track name and click 'SAVE'
- in few seconds the track will be stored in FT and the KML layer will be refreshed

How to run this tool on localhost/your_domain
0. Prerequisites
- you need a webserver running PHP with cURL lib client (my configuration is Apache/2.2.19 with PHP 5.3.6 on OSX Lion)
- you need a Google Account for managing Fusion Tables
- if you plan to use it on a non-localhost domain then you need to register in order to have access to the Swisstopo map tiles

1. Build the 'KML backend'
Create a similar FusionTable to this one
- two fields are required: name(text), geometry(location) -
- the table needs to be "public" or "unlisted" -
- copy the FT table id somewhere - (in my case 1695530)

2. Prepare the PHP 'API' for FusionTables
- make a copy of api/ft_login_data.sample.php to api/ft_login_data.php
cp api/ft_login_data.sample.php api/ft_login_data.php
- edit api/ft_login_data.php and replace the $FUSION_TABLES_PARAMS dummy values with the table id, the google username and password used for the table
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