Literate Programming can be Quicker and Dirtier.
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package.json automatically documents your GitHub repo on GitHub pages.

Every time you push new commits to GitHub, docas keeps the master branch (the source codes) and gh-pages branch (the documentation) in sync.

Alpha Release

  1. Add docas as your collaborator.
  2. Add a Service Hook:

That's done. Test it with any push. The initial build may takes longer than following pushes.

Both feature requests and bug reports are hearted!

How Works generates html documents using docco for all sources, plus a cover page (named index.html by default) for your GitHub repo automatically.

Generated documents will be hosted using GitHub pages in the same repository which can be accessed from:

Comments will be rendered with your code side by side to encourage literate programming styled development. Content of comments will be parsed as markdown to ensure readability, legibility, and also semanticity.

Each time you push new commits to GitHub, synchronizes the documents with source automatically. So the documents will be always up-to-date.

Steps to Enjoying

  • Classic Method

    1. Add docas as your collaborator.
    2. Add the service hook at htto:// from the admin panel of your repo.
    3. You are done.
  • A Web Inferface is Planned

Become a Better Developer Right Now

  • Include a concise description for all folders and source files.

    • For source files, write the description at the first line as: {COMMENT_SYMBOL}{FOUR SPACES}{THE DESCRIPTION}
    • For markdown files, write the description at the first line as: {FOUR SPACES}{THE DESCRIPTION}
    • For directories, the description is the description for the in that directory.
    • For shebang scripts, write the description as source files following the shebang line.
  • Always do top-down design before coding.

    • Break large, complex tasks into many small, simple, and intuitive tasks.
    • Write down each task's procedure using markdown in comments.
    • Using to communicate the design with your team.
    • Coding will become a breeze once your ideas got proofed.
  • Judge the sanity of your design by analysing source lines of code.

    • Tackle down the puzzle piece by piece.
    • Control the source lines of code of all sources under a maintaibable size.
  • Maintain always up-to-date documentations using

    • In two steps, have an always up-to-date documentation hosted at GitHub pages.
    • Read the source by yourself.
    • Invite your friends to use or comment on the source.

Supported Languages

  • JavaScript
  • CoffeeScript
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Perl
  • Shell
  • And suggest your favorite!