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Thank you for your interest in contributing to AssertJ assertions !
We appreciate your effort and to make sure that your pull request is easy to review, we ask you to make note of the following guidelines :

  • Use AssertJ code Eclipse formatting preferences (for Idea users, it is possible to import it)
  • Write complete Javadocs on each assertion methods including a code example.
  • Write one JUnit test class for each assertion method with the following naming convention : <AssertClass>_<assertion>_Test.
  • Unit tests method naming convention is underscore based (like python) and not camel case, we find it is much readable for long test names !
  • Successful assertion unit test method name must start with : should_pass_....
  • Failing assertion unit test method name must start with : should_fail_....
  • If possible, add a (fun) code example in assertj-examples and use it in the javadoc.