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Little Checkin app


This application lets you manage a validation for the presence of people. People coming to work in a shared workspace can confirm their presence. Each person is given credit him allowing access to the shared workspace. The credits are provided by the administrators. Each worker can know who is on the shared workspace...

Install App

Prepare system

Make sure use RVM

Install the good version of Ruby or modifiy .rvmrc

rvm install ruby-1.9.2-p180

An best pratice for use rvm is create on gemset by app

rvm gemset create checkin

Grap source

Ok you can clone

git clone

Place in the project and trust .rvmrc file

launch 'bundle install  --without production'


Rename database.sample.yml database.yml

mv config/database.sample.yml config/database.yml

Rename and configure settings

mv config/settings.sample.yml config/settings.yml

if you want activate the delegate autenticated please sign up on and set APIKey

rake db:migrate

make sure all work

Launch test unit and functional #Deprecated

RAILS_ENV=test rake test #Deprecated

please use instead

RAILS_ENV=test rake spec 

Launch cucumber test suite

rake cucumber

or launch continue test integration

watchr config/watchr.rb

And you can start the application

rails s


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