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This is a major release. If you're updating this from an older version, it is recommended to delete your /3ds/3DShell/ folder before you install this update. This is to prevent cluttering up your SD with unused data files from previous versions.


  • Added sorting options into settings: alphabetical - ascending, alphabetical - descending, size - largest to smallest, and size - smallest to largest.
  • Directory listing is now initially alphabetically sorted. (Folder first / then files)
  • Display file transfer status and accepted connection address in FTP mode.
  • A minimal animated bar is displayed during file transfer in FTP mode.
  • Added music player with mp3, wav, ogg and flac support. (All thanks to deltabeard/MaK11-12 for implementing ctrmus functions as a base)
  • Added MP3 ID3v2 and ID3v1 parsing. (Displays title, album, genre etc.)
  • Added progress bar when copying/moving(cut) files.
  • Now uses the minizip v1.1 to extract zip files.
  • Added a progress bar when extracting zip files.
  • Many performance improvements. Removed unnecessary thread delays, code and lots of code clean-up.
  • Refactored config files. (Stored in /3ds/3DShell/config.cfg) - results in performance improvements and better organization. No longer creates separate config files for each setting (hidden.txt, bgm.txt, sysprotection.txt etc).
  • Refactored theme manager - Major improvements - code is a lot cleaner and switching between themes is much faster than before.
  • Add new boot logo by FrozenFire.
  • Update directory listing after disabling FTP. (Either press select or touch the FTP icon when FTP is enabled)
  • Add a toggle to display/hide 'hidden files'.
  • .files are now displayed if 'show hidden files' is enabled.
  • Merged upstream changes from FTPD.
  • New battery/Wi-Fi signal icons.
  • Increased text sizes for better readability.


  • Fixed incorrect timestamps in FTP.
  • Fixed special characters not being displayed.
  • Fixed special characters not being able to be modified under FTP.
  • Fixed bug when holding L + R for a while would generate many screenshots.
  • Fixed renaming non-empty directories.
  • Fixed folders with spaces in their names not being saved into last visited directory.
  • Copying a file from SD -> NAND or NAND -> SD has been fixed. (System protection should be turned off)
  • Better result handling to avoid crashes.
  • SD and NAND toggles have been moved to the far right to avoid confusion with other buttons.
  • Refactored makefile and fixed banner audio.

I put a lot of time into developing this program, and used a lot of my winter break to break/fix/test things constantly, so if you want to buy me some coffee I'd gladly accept it. Anyways cheers everyone, Have a happy new year!