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ctr_vercheck was originally created by wolfvak - It was initially intended to be a small application for the Nintendo 3DS to check your current FIRM and OS version only. I decided to fork this project, and added additional device info similar to PSPident, hence the name 3DSident.


  • Current kernel, FIRM and system version detection.
  • Display initial system version.
  • Model detection with code name and hardware info (Retail/Devboard/Debugger/Capture unit)
  • Displays screen type (TN/IPS).
  • Displays region.
  • Displays language.
  • Displays MAC address.
  • Displays serial.
  • Displays SDMC and NAND CID
  • Displays NNID username, principal ID, persistent ID, transferable base ID, country and timezone.
  • Displays device ID.
  • Displays soap ID.
  • Battery charging status.
  • AC Adapter connection status.
  • Battery percentage (actual battery percentage using mcu::HWC).
  • Displays battery voltage (estimated) and unknown format.
  • Displays MCU firmware.
  • SD detection.
  • Displays SD free and total storage capacity.
  • Displays CTR free and total storage capacity.
  • Displays TWL free and total storage capacity. (GUI exclusive)
  • Displays TWL photo free and total storage capacity. (GUI exclusive)
  • Displays number of titles installed on SD and NAND.
  • Displays number of tickets installed. (GUI exclusive)
  • Displays volume slider state and percentage.
  • Displays 3D slider state and percentage.
  • Displays Wifi signal strength.
  • Displays IP address.
  • Displays current brightness.
  • Display auto-brightness status. (GUI exclusive)
  • Display power saving mode. (GUI exclusive)
  • Display sound output mode. (GUI exclusive)
  • Displays if the console is a debug unit. (GUI exclusive)
  • Displays headphone/audio jack status. (GUI exclusive)
  • Card slot status and inserted card type (CTR/NAND).
  • Displays parental control pin, email address and secret answer. (GUI exclusive)
  • Displays home menu ID.
  • Displays Wifi slot info (SSID, password and MAC address).
  • Displays original/NAND local friend code seed.
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