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CMFileManager PSP is a PSP application built using the unofficial PSPSDK and glib2d (modded). The user interface in this homebrew is heavily inspired and based on the LineageOS/CM file manager. The aim of this project is to provide a stable and up to date file manager that makes use of updated tools, whilst offering a modernized and user friendly interace. CMFileManager PSP is the only homebrew that properly uses the 'move' function correctly for moving files/folder from one place to another. Unlike other file managers for PSP which copies a file from one place to another and then deletes it, which can take a while depending on the file size.


  • Copy files/folders.
  • Move files/folders.
  • Delete files/folders.
  • Multi file handling functions for copy/move/delete.
  • File properties. (File size, creation time, modification time, access times, permissions)
  • Creating directories.
  • Renaming files/folders.
  • Image viewer (BMP, GIF - non animated, JPG, PNG, PGM, PPM and TGA).
  • Auto USB mount (with ef0:/ and ms0:/ support for PSP Go).
  • Dark theme mode.
  • Browse other drives like flah0, flash1 and UMD (if not using PSP Go).
  • Support for both ef0:/ (internal) and ms0:/ (external) drives on PSP Go.
  • Screenshots in .BMP format. Use L + R to capture a screenshot.
  • Music Player (FLAC, OGG, WAV and XM)


  • Press DPAD Up to move the cursor up.
  • Press DPAD Right to move the cursor down.
  • Press DPAD Left to position the cursor to the start of the directory.
  • Press DPAD Right to position the cursor to the end of the directory.
  • Press Start to open settings.
  • Press Select to open menubar.
  • Press Triangle to bring up file options.
  • Press enter button (depending on your region) to enter diretory/open file.
  • Press cancel button (depending on your region) to go back to previous directory/menu.
  • Press L + R to caputre screenshot.
  • Press Select + Start to exit.

Image Viewer controls:

  • L/R - Rotate anti-clockwise/clockwise
  • Up/Down - Zoom in/out
  • Select - Help menu
  • Left/Right - Previous/Next image
  • Analog stick - Position image after zoom
  • Triangle - Flip vertically
  • Square - Flip horizantally
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