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@joel16 joel16 released this Jan 11, 2019 · 34 commits to master since this release

Notice: Please delete your "data" folder and config.cfg file in (ms0/ef0):/PSP/GAME/CMFileManager/. The data folder is no longer needed, since all of the external assets are now embedded into the binary. The config file has some changes that won't work with previous versions. After you delete the config file, the app will create a new one. From this update on wards, deleting the config file if any changes pertaining to the config is made will be handled automatically.

  • Handle config version so that user won't have to manually delete it for upcoming releases.
  • Fixed buffer overflow when multi selecting a file with a long path name.
  • Embed all assets and fonts into the binary and load them from memory. (You no longer need the data folder)
  • Added a help dialog under settings menu.
  • Get enter/cancel buttons from registry. (For example the cross button implies enter/accept in the west, but Asian games use the cross button as a cancel button).
  • Highlight current selected drive in menu bar.
  • Fixed auto USB storage for PSP GO. (Now displays both ef0:/ and ms0:/ in USB mode)
  • USB mode no longer requires the app to restart if "Auto usb mounting" is toggled under settings.
  • Now uses a much cleaner method of detecting if running from ef0:/ on a PSP Go.
  • disc0:/ (UMD) can now be accessed in non GO models as an additional drive in the menu bar.
  • Implement error dialog for failures with file/directory functions and .zip archives.
  • Only delete destination if it exists in copy mode. (overwriting)

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