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@joel16 joel16 released this May 30, 2019 · 8 commits to master since this release

  • Hotfix: fix metadata not being terminated after XM playback.
  • Added support for loading .PCX images.
  • Many Audio changes:
    • Properly clear metadata struct.
    • Update dr_libs (dr_flac and dr_wav)
    • Use libFLAC to display FLAC tags and cover image if they exist.
    • Allow gapless playback via mpg123.
    • Increase string limit for mp3 ID3v2.
    • Enforce a sample rate of 44100 Hz for MP3.
    • Fix mpg123 not being properly terminated after no more samples can be decoded.
    • Remove stb_vorbis and use libvorbis to decode OGG samples.
    • Display OGG and OPUS tag data if it exists.
  • Added FTP mode.

FTP Mode Instructions:

  1. Press START to open settings menu and select FTP connection.
  2. Select a network connection when the Network dialog pops up.
  3. After it is connected successfully, a message will appear saying FTP Connection established IP:Port. Use an FTP client like WinSCP and enter the IP and port (1337) and make sure to use anonymous login.
  4. Once an FTP connection is established from your server, you won't see any folders or files. You have to manually search for the path /ms0: or /ef0:. You can also search for other devices like /flash0: or UMD - /disc0: (Please use caution when browsing any flash0-flash3)

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