@joel16 joel16 released this Jun 4, 2018 · 113 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

(Note: I re-uploaded the build with the fix for opening empty directories)


  • Added a menu bar - Use the Y button to access it. (Can only open settings for now, so the settings icon stays highlighted. The animation is something I tend to improve upon in later releases)
  • Added dark theme mode. (Can be enabled/disabled in settings)
  • Added .ZIP extraction. (Press A on a .zip file)
  • Added Sorting options under settings. (Sort by alphabetical - ascending and descending order, by date (currently doesn't work properly), by size - smallest and largest).
  • Add support for GIF/BMP images in image viewer. (GIFs will be displayed as a static image)

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Progress bar is now properly displayed for copying/moving/extracting files.
  • Improved many textures as well as some internal improvements in handling textures and some fixes with font alignment in certain areas.
  • Fixed copy/move being enabled at the same time. If you press B in the options dialog it will cancel the item that is currently in the copy/move list. Instead, X should be used to open/close the file options dialog. The row/column will also reset when the B key is pressed.
  • Freed some textures that weren't previously freed, also free entries once we are done using them.

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