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SwitchIdent Travis

This is yet another identity tool that is continuing the series of <device name here>ident. The tool allows users to get various bits of information from your device, hence the name 'ident' as in identifying your device.

Bleeding edge builds can be found in the gh-pages branch.


  • Displays system version.
  • Displays kernel version (except on 4.X.X).
  • Displays hardware type and unit.
  • Displays serial number.
  • Displays DRAM ID.
  • Displays device ID.
  • Displays system region.
  • Displays CPU and GPU clocks based on the performance configuration returned by the APM service.
  • Displays whether the switch is in docked/handheld state.
  • Displays IP Address.
  • Displays storage sizes for SD, NAND (user) and NAND (system).
  • Displays various system statuses. (Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC, etc.)
  • Displays battery percentage and charging status.
  • Displays battery charger type.
  • Displays if battery charging is enabled.
  • Displays if ample power is supplied.
  • Displays WIreless RSSI signals and quality.


  • Eve/Hikari/Junko: Beta testing
  • Klodeckel: Beta testing
  • hopperplaysmc: Beta testing
  • preetisketch: Banner
  • Shadow: Firmware version fix