The first system/hardware identity tool for the PS VITA.
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  • Displays firmware (spoof/actual) and model info (Vita fat/slim/TV/PTEL/PDEL).
  • Displays PS Vita Unit (Cex/Dex).
  • Displays Vita motherboard.
  • Displays PS VITA CID (Console ID).
  • Displays PSID.
  • Displays language.
  • Displays MAC address.
  • Displays IP address.
  • Displays PSN username.
  • Displays ARM, BUS and GPU clock frequency.
  • Displays GPU Xbar clock frequency.
  • Displays battery life time.
  • Displays battery percentage, and charging status.
  • Displays battery capacity.
  • Displays battery temperature in both degrees C and F.
  • Displays battery voltage and cycle count.
  • Displays USB/adapter connection state. (UDCD)
  • Displays enter button (Cross/Circle).
  • Displays current brightness and volume.
  • Displays SD free and total capacity (Thanks TheOfficialFloW).


Major_Tom, Smoke, TheOfficialFloW, Rinnegatamante, himanshugoel2797, franci95 and fate6.