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Classpath support for Maven Projects

1. Introduction.

    FitNesse plugin that provides Maven Classpath support.

2. How to use.

    - Download the distribution.
    - Add the following line to WikiWidgets = fitnesse.wikitext.widgets.MavenClasspathWidget.
    - Copy the maven-classpath-plugin-[version]-jar-with-dependencies.jar to the plugins directory of the directory where the fitnesse.jar is located.
    - Start FitNesse: java -jar fitnesse.jar
    - Refer to the pom file as follows: 
        !pomFile /path/to/pom.xml
        !pomFile http://repository.url/link/to/myproject-1.0.0.pom
    - Fixed BUG using variables, for exemple :
    	!define version {1.0-SNAPSHOT}
    	!pomFile http://repository.url/mygroupid/artefactid/${version}/artefactid-${version}.pom
	** Releases prior to v20091121:
    - Run fitnesse as follows: java -cp fitnesse.jar:plugins/maven-classpath-plugin-[version]-jar-with-dependencies.jar fitnesseMain.FitNesseMain. (**)

3. How to contribute.

    - Send patches.
    - Fork the repository and send pull requests.

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