Set of scripts to manage provisioning profiles, either locally or through the Apple developer center web site.
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What is this?

This is a set of scripts written in Ruby used to manage provisioning profiles and certificates either locally or through the Apple developer portal.

The project also contains a few scripts related to managing the provisioning profiles in xcode

They are used in continuous integration environments (for example using Jenkins) to update, compile & validate iOS (or Unity3d projects.

required dependencies

to manipulate provisioning profiles, you will need plist and json to access the Apple development center site, you will need mechanize >= 2.2 and encrypted_strings


$ ruby ./mobileprovisioning.rb 65RAGE----.mobileprovision -d -O plist.xml
$ tail plist.xml
$ ruby ./mobileprovisioning.rb 65RAGE----.mobileprovision -d UUID
$ ruby ./mobileprovisioning.rb 65RAGE----.mobileprovision -t
$ ruby ./mobileprovisioning.rb 65RAGE----.mobileprovision -d Name
TestFlight WWTK All Projects


$ ./apple_dev_center.rb -u -p xxxxxxx -d devcenter -O devcenter/site.json
$ ls devcenter/
A7D868EA-B1F3-4280-BD01-464653A-----.mobileprovision site.json DL29------.cer
$ prettyprint devcenter/site.json
            "profile":"TestFlight XXXX All Projects",
            "exp_date":"Jan 22, 2013"
    "profiles": [
            "name": "iOS Team Provisioning Profile: *",
            "type": "development",
            "appid": "D7NQRK----.*",
            "uuid": "A7D868EA-B1F3-4280-BD01-464653A-----",
            "statusXcode": "Active"
    "devices": [
            "name": "------- iPad 2 Wi-Fi",
            "udid": "96b9d40cdc20417928dd71c4a0cc03----------"

storing the password (encrypted in a configuration file instead)

If you don't want to have your password on the command line (so that it doesn't appear in log files), you can generate a config file

$ ./generate_apple_dev_center_config.rb YourSecretPassword "an optional seed key" > /path/to/config/apple_dev_center.config
$ cat /path/to/config/apple_dev_center.config
- password: l1/ChJtwxlmDnav8D4dZafRi6NOdme4Z

then use the apple_dev_center script as following:

# to avoid having to place password information on the command line
$ ./apple_dev_center.rb -u -C /path/to/config/apple_dev_center.config -S "an optional seed key" -d
# or to pick the default account and an empty secret key
$ ./apple_dev_center.rb -C /path/to/config/apple_dev_center.config -d

use with Jenkins

in a CI environment, you will probably want to avoid printing out the password and use the config. I like the build secrets plugin to be able to send that to any slave.

here's a useful step by step job configuration

  1. generate your config file

    ./generate_apple_dev_center_config.rb YourSecretPassword "an optional seed key" > your_apple_dev_center.config
    zip your_apple_dev_center.config
  2. a build step with the build secrets plugin in which you attach to a environement variable a zip file containing your config:

  3. a shell script that creates an file containing the site.json and related provisioning profiles

    mkdir -p adc
    rm -f adc/*
    ruby ./apple_dev_center.rb -C $APPLE_DEV_CENTER_CONFIG/your_apple_dev_center.config -S "an optional seed key" -u -d -O adc/site.json
    zip -r adc/
  4. [optional] archive the artifact, deploy it on a common place, etc

Technical information

Provisioning profiles are PKCS7 signed messages. The message itself is an XML plist. The script extracts the plist.


I am considering the following improvements

  • extract out the password storage functionality into an reusable encrypted password store for use by ruby scripts (in CI environments)
  • package the ruby scripts into libs and a gem to ease installation and update
  • add some functions to upload devices or sync an externally managed list of devices onto the apple developer center


Question & feedback:

Links where I got some tips for parsing provisioning profiles where I got some tips for downloading data from Apple developer center