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A MEAN project (with a dash of angular). In order to get a local version of running you need to have MongoDb, Node and NPM installed. (ensure MongoDB is running when trying to run

To get a working version set up you'll need to clone the repo, install the dependencies, build the database and then start the server from the command line. The commands to enter are listed below.

Getting set up


git clone

Install dependencies from project directory:

npm install

Restore database from project directory

mongorestore --db championgg --collection webchampionpages --drop db/championgg/webchampionpages.bson
mongorestore --db championgg --collection webchampionroles --drop db/championgg/webchampionroles.bson
mongorestore --db championgg --collection webmatchuppages --drop db/championgg/webmatchuppages.bson
mongorestore --db championgg --collection weboverallroledatas --drop db/championgg/weboverallroledatas.bson
mongorestore --db championgg --collection weboverallstats --drop db/championgg/weboverallstats.bson
mongorestore --db championgg --collection webhomepagesummaries --drop db/championgg/webhomepagesummaries.bson
mongorestore --db championgg --collection webstatisticspages --drop db/championgg/webstatisticspages.bson


npm start
#if you have another web server running on port 80 you can set the port as such
PORT=8888 npm start

You can now access on http://localhost/ or if you set a port number http://localhost:8888/


In order to work on more effectively I've created a grunt tasks to facilitate automation of javascript hinting (helps avoid nasty javascript errors).

grunt watch

To get assets ready for production:

grunt production