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DT Symbol Resolution roadmap

Signed-off-by: Joel A Fernandes <>
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Joel A Fernandes
Joel A Fernandes committed Jan 6, 2013
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+1. add code to kernel: check for duplicate phandles in a dt base/overlay (This goes somewhere in the initial stage when a live tree is created) (not required if implementing 3)
+2. add code to kernel: check if phandle referred to is valid or not (to of_resolve)
+3. add code to dtc: for every phandle generated, check if phandle was already generated for another node, this could imply a collision
+4. compute crc32 of every possible label and dump this into a file, add docs that document the robustness of the hash used.
+- prepare docs that discuss
+ - the motivation (including lines of code lesser in both dtc and kernel)
+ - the advantages
+ - the robustness of the hash and the algorithm itself
+ - the backward compatibility
+- prepare patches
+ - Post RFC series to few of the local people for feedback including Pantelis
+ - make sure cover is as detailed as possible discussing motivation

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