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#! /usr/bin/env python
import sys
from optparse import OptionParser
import os
import shutil
import urllib
from glob import glob
from util import run_command, fatal, CommandError
import constants
from xml.dom import minidom as dom
def get_ns3(ns3_branch):
print """
# Get NS-3
ns3_dir = os.path.split(ns3_branch)[-1]
ns3_branch_url = constants.NSNAM_CODE_BASE_URL + ns3_branch
if not os.path.exists(ns3_dir):
print "Cloning ns-3 branch"
run_command(['hg', 'clone', ns3_branch_url, ns3_dir])
print "Updating ns-3 branch"
run_command(['hg', '--cwd', ns3_dir, 'pull', '-u'])
return ns3_dir
def get_regression_traces(ns3_dir, regression_branch):
print """
# Get the regression traces
# ns3_dir is the directory into which we cloned the repo
# regression_branch is the repo in which we will find the traces. Variations like this should work:
# ns-3-dev-ref-traces
# craigdo/ns-3-dev-ref-traces
# craigdo/ns-3-tap-ref-traces
regression_traces_dir = os.path.split(regression_branch)[-1]
regression_branch_url = constants.REGRESSION_TRACES_REPO + regression_branch
print "Synchronizing reference traces using Mercurial."
if not os.path.exists(regression_traces_dir):
run_command(["hg", "clone", regression_branch_url, regression_traces_dir])
run_command(["hg", "-q", "pull", "--cwd", regression_traces_dir, regression_branch_url])
run_command(["hg", "-q", "update", "--cwd", regression_traces_dir])
except OSError: # this exception normally means mercurial is not found
if not os.path.exists(regression_traces_dir_name):
traceball = regression_tbranch + constants.TRACEBALL_SUFFIX
print "Retrieving " + traceball + " from web."
urllib.urlretrieve(constants.REGRESSION_TRACES_URL + traceball, traceball)
run_command(["tar", "-xjf", traceball])
print "Done."
return regression_traces_dir
def get_pybindgen(ns3_dir):
print """
# Get PyBindGen
if sys.platform in ['cygwin']:
print "Architecture (%s) does not support PyBindGen ... skipping" % (sys.platform,)
raise RuntimeError
# (peek into the ns-3 wscript and extract the required pybindgen version)
ns3_python_wscript = open(os.path.join(ns3_dir, "bindings", "python", "wscript"), "rt")
required_pybindgen_version = None
for line in ns3_python_wscript:
required_pybindgen_version = eval(line.split('=')[1].strip())
if required_pybindgen_version is None:
fatal("Unable to detect pybindgen required version")
print "Required pybindgen version: ", '.'.join([str(x) for x in required_pybindgen_version])
# work around http_proxy handling bug in bzr
if 'http_proxy' in os.environ and 'https_proxy' not in os.environ:
os.environ['https_proxy'] = os.environ['http_proxy']
if len(required_pybindgen_version) == 4:
rev = "-rrevno:%i" % required_pybindgen_version[3]
rev = "-rtag:%s" % '.'.join([str(x) for x in required_pybindgen_version])
if os.path.exists(constants.LOCAL_PYBINDGEN_PATH):
print "Trying to update pybindgen; this will fail if no network connection is available. Hit Ctrl-C to skip."
run_command(["bzr", "pull", rev, "-d", constants.LOCAL_PYBINDGEN_PATH, constants.PYBINDGEN_BRANCH])
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print "Interrupted; Python bindings will be disabled."
print "Update was successful."
print "Trying to fetch pybindgen; this will fail if no network connection is available. Hit Ctrl-C to skip."
run_command(["bzr", "checkout", rev, constants.PYBINDGEN_BRANCH, constants.LOCAL_PYBINDGEN_PATH])
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print "Interrupted; Python bindings will be disabled."
shutil.rmtree(constants.LOCAL_PYBINDGEN_PATH, True)
return False
print "Fetch was successful."
## generate a fake file in pybindgen it's safer this
## way, since the normal version generation process requires
## bazaar python bindings, which may not be available.
vfile = open(os.path.join(constants.LOCAL_PYBINDGEN_PATH, "pybindgen", ""), "wt")
# (fake version generated by ns-3)
__version__ = %r
""" % list(required_pybindgen_version))
return (constants.LOCAL_PYBINDGEN_PATH, '.'.join([str(x) for x in required_pybindgen_version]))
def get_nsc(ns3_dir):
print """
# Get NSC
# Skip downloading NSC on OS X due to HFS+ case insensitive issues
# Skip downloading NSC on Cygwin because of fundamental incompatibilities.
if sys.platform in ['darwin', 'cygwin']:
print "Architecture (%s) does not support NSC... skipping" % (sys.platform,)
raise RuntimeError
# (peek into the ns-3 wscript and extract the required nsc version)
internet_stack_wscript = open(os.path.join(ns3_dir, "src", "internet", "wscript"), "rt")
required_nsc_version = None
for line in internet_stack_wscript:
if 'NSC_RELEASE_NAME' in line:
required_nsc_version = eval(line.split('=')[1].strip())
if required_nsc_version is None:
fatal("Unable to detect NSC required version")
print "Required NSC version: ", required_nsc_version
def nsc_clone():
print "Retrieving nsc from " + constants.NSC_REPO
run_command(['hg', 'clone', constants.NSC_REPO, constants.LOCAL_NSC_PATH])
def nsc_update():
print "Pulling nsc updates from " + constants.NSC_REPO
run_command(['hg', '--cwd', constants.LOCAL_NSC_PATH, 'pull', '-u', constants.NSC_REPO])
def nsc_download():
local_file = required_nsc_version + ".tar.bz2"
remote_file = constants.NSC_RELEASE_URL + "/" + local_file
print "Retrieving nsc from " + remote_file
urllib.urlretrieve(remote_file, local_file)
print "Uncompressing " + local_file
run_command(["tar", "-xjf", local_file])
print "Rename %s as %s" % (required_nsc_version, constants.LOCAL_NSC_PATH)
os.rename(required_nsc_version, constants.LOCAL_NSC_PATH)
if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(ns3_dir, '.hg')):
elif not os.path.exists(constants.LOCAL_NSC_PATH):
return (constants.LOCAL_NSC_PATH, required_nsc_version)
def main():
parser = OptionParser()
parser.add_option("-n", "--ns3-branch", dest="ns3_branch", default="ns-3-dev",
help="Name of the ns-3 repository", metavar="BRANCH_NAME")
parser.add_option("-r", "--regression-branch", dest="regression_branch", default="",
help="Name of the ns-3 regression traces repository", metavar="REGRESSION_BRANCH_NAME")
(options, dummy_args) = parser.parse_args()
# first of all, change to the directory of the script
# Create the configuration file
config = dom.getDOMImplementation().createDocument(None, "config", None)
# -- download pybindgen --
pybindgen_dir, pybindgen_version = get_pybindgen("/home/joel/repo/ns-3-git/")
except (CommandError, OSError, RuntimeError):
print " *** Did not fetch pybindgen; python bindings will not be available."
pybindgen_config = config.documentElement.appendChild(config.createElement("pybindgen"))
pybindgen_config.setAttribute("dir", pybindgen_dir)
pybindgen_config.setAttribute("version", pybindgen_version)
# write the config to a file
dot_config = open(".config", "wt")
config.writexml(dot_config, addindent=" ", newl="\n")
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':