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#! /usr/bin/env python
# These methods are used by and waf to look for and read the
# .ns3rc configuration file, which is used to specify the modules that
# should be enabled
import os
import sys
def get_list_from_file(file_path, list_name):
'''Looks for a Python list called list_name in the file specified
by file_path and returns it.
If the file or list name aren't found, this function will return
an empty list.
list = []
# Read in the file if it exists.
if os.path.exists(file_path):
file_in = open(file_path, "r")
# Look for the list.
list_string = ""
parsing_multiline_list = False
for line in file_in:
if list_name in line or parsing_multiline_list:
list_string += line
# Handle multiline lists.
if ']' not in list_string:
parsing_multiline_list = True
# Evaluate the list once its end is reached.
# Make the split function only split it once.
list = eval(list_string.split('=', 1)[1].strip())
# Close the file
return list
def read_config_file():
'''Reads the NS-3 configuration file and returns a list of enabled modules.
This function first looks for the ns3 configuration file (.ns3rc)
in the current working directory and then looks in the ~
# See if the ns3 configuration file exists in the current working
# directory and then look for it in the ~ directory.
dot_ns3rc_name = '.ns3rc'
dot_ns3rc_path = dot_ns3rc_name
if not os.path.exists(dot_ns3rc_path):
dot_ns3rc_path = os.path.expanduser('~/') + dot_ns3rc_name
if not os.path.exists(dot_ns3rc_path):
# Enable all modules if the .ns3rc file can't be found.
return ['all_modules']
# Read in the ns3 configuration file.
modules_enabled = get_list_from_file(dot_ns3rc_path, 'modules_enabled')
if not modules_enabled:
# Enable all modules if the modules_enabled line can't be found.
return ['all_modules']
return modules_enabled