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A collection of stumpwm extensions for an enhanced stump experience
Common Lisp Python
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This is a collection of stumpwm extensions by Isaac Praveen ( and Joel Fernandes ( 
Hope you enjoy these, and please contribute :-)

As of now, the following goodies are available:

. Laptop Panel brightness
  A python script that changes laptop panel brightness.
  A few lines have to be added to .stumprc to map your brightness Fn key (mentioned in its README)

. Multimedia Key support for stumpwm
  Now control your volume and playlist from Stump using keyboard.

. Mode Line
  A bunch of lisp extensions for mode-line (gives you battery, ip addr, date, cpu usage etc..)

. Effects
  Simple theming for your stump (uses built in stumpwm functions)

. My .stumprc
  a good reference if you get stuck trying to get any of the extensions integrated into your environment.
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