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;; Copyright (C) 2003-2008 Shawn Betts
;; This file is part of stumpwm.
;; stumpwm is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
;; any later version.
;; stumpwm is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this software; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
;; the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330,
;; Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
;; Commentary:
;; define standard key bindings
;; Code:
(in-package #:stumpwm)
(export '(*groups-map*
(defvar *escape-key* (kbd "C-t")
"The escape key. Any keymap that wants to hang off the escape key
should use this specific key struct instead of creating their own
(defvar *escape-fake-key* (kbd "t")
"The binding that sends the fake escape key to the current window.")
(defvar *root-map* nil
"This is the keymap by default bound to @kbd{C-t}. It is known as the @dfn{prefix map}.")
(defvar *groups-map* nil
"The keymap that group related key bindings sit on. It is bound to @kbd{C-t g} by default.")
(defvar *help-map* nil
"Help related bindings hang from this keymap")
(defvar *group-top-maps* '((tile-group *tile-group-top-map*)
(float-group *float-group-top-map*)
(group *group-top-map*))
"An alist of the top level maps for each group type. For a given
group, all maps whose type matches the given group are active. So for
a tile-group, both the group map and tile-group map are active.
Order is important. Each map is seached in the order they appear in
the list (inactive maps being skipped). In general the order should go
from most specific groups to most general groups.")
(defvar *group-top-map* nil)
(defvar *group-root-map* nil)
(defvar *tile-group-top-map* nil)
(defvar *tile-group-root-map* nil)
(defvar *float-group-top-map* nil)
(defvar *float-group-root-map* nil)
;; Do it this way so its easier to wipe the map and get a clean one.
(defmacro fill-keymap (map &rest bindings)
`(unless ,map
(setf ,map
(let ((m (make-sparse-keymap)))
,@(loop for i = bindings then (cddr i)
while i
collect `(define-key m ,(first i) ,(second i)))
(fill-keymap *top-map*
*escape-key* '*root-map*)
(fill-keymap *root-map*
(kbd "c") "exec xterm"
(kbd "C-c") "exec xterm"
(kbd "e") "emacs"
(kbd "C-e") "emacs"
(kbd "b") "banish"
(kbd "C-b") "banish"
(kbd "a") "time"
(kbd "C-a") "time"
(kbd "!") "exec"
(kbd "C-g") "abort"
*escape-fake-key* "send-escape"
(kbd ";") "colon"
(kbd ":") "eval"
(kbd "v") "version"
(kbd "m") "lastmsg"
(kbd "C-m") "lastmsg"
(kbd "G") "vgroups"
(kbd "g") '*groups-map*
(kbd "F1") "gselect 1"
(kbd "F2") "gselect 2"
(kbd "F3") "gselect 3"
(kbd "F4") "gselect 4"
(kbd "F5") "gselect 5"
(kbd "F6") "gselect 6"
(kbd "F7") "gselect 7"
(kbd "F8") "gselect 8"
(kbd "F9") "gselect 9"
(kbd "F10") "gselect 10"
(kbd "h") '*help-map*)
(fill-keymap *group-top-map*
*escape-key* '*group-root-map*)
(fill-keymap *group-root-map*
(kbd "C-u") "next-urgent"
(kbd "w") "windows"
(kbd "C-w") "windows"
(kbd "k") "delete"
(kbd "C-k") "delete"
(kbd "K") "kill"
(kbd "'") "select"
(kbd "\"") "windowlist"
(kbd "0") "select-window-by-number 0"
(kbd "1") "select-window-by-number 1"
(kbd "2") "select-window-by-number 2"
(kbd "3") "select-window-by-number 3"
(kbd "4") "select-window-by-number 4"
(kbd "5") "select-window-by-number 5"
(kbd "6") "select-window-by-number 6"
(kbd "7") "select-window-by-number 7"
(kbd "8") "select-window-by-number 8"
(kbd "9") "select-window-by-number 9"
(kbd "C-N") "number"
(kbd "#") "mark"
(kbd "F11") "fullscreen"
(kbd "A") "title"
(kbd "i") "info")
(fill-keymap *tile-group-top-map*
*escape-key* '*tile-group-root-map*)
(fill-keymap *tile-group-root-map*
(kbd "n") "pull-hidden-next"
(kbd "C-n") "pull-hidden-next"
(kbd "M-n") "next"
(kbd "C-M-n") "next-in-frame"
(kbd "SPC") "pull-hidden-next"
(kbd "C-SPC") "pull-hidden-next"
(kbd "p") "pull-hidden-previous"
(kbd "C-p") "pull-hidden-previous"
(kbd "M-p") "prev"
(kbd "C-M-p") "prev-in-frame"
(kbd "W") "place-existing-windows"
*escape-key* "pull-hidden-other"
(kbd "M-t") "other-in-frame"
(kbd "C-0") "pull 0"
(kbd "C-1") "pull 1"
(kbd "C-2") "pull 2"
(kbd "C-3") "pull 3"
(kbd "C-4") "pull 4"
(kbd "C-5") "pull 5"
(kbd "C-6") "pull 6"
(kbd "C-7") "pull 7"
(kbd "C-8") "pull 8"
(kbd "C-9") "pull 9"
(kbd "R") "remove"
(kbd "s") "vsplit"
(kbd "S") "hsplit"
(kbd "r") "iresize"
(kbd "o") "fnext"
(kbd "TAB") "fnext"
(kbd "M-TAB") "fother"
(kbd "f") "fselect"
(kbd "F") "curframe"
(kbd "-") "fclear"
(kbd "Q") "only"
(kbd "Up") "move-focus up"
(kbd "Down") "move-focus down"
(kbd "Left") "move-focus left"
(kbd "Right") "move-focus right"
(kbd "M-Up") "move-window up"
(kbd "M-Down") "move-window down"
(kbd "M-Left") "move-window left"
(kbd "M-Right") "move-window right"
(kbd "+") "balance-frames"
(kbd "l") "redisplay"
(kbd "C-l") "redisplay")
(fill-keymap *float-group-top-map*)
(fill-keymap *float-group-root-map*)
(fill-keymap *groups-map*
(kbd "g") "groups"
(kbd "c") "gnew"
(kbd "n") "gnext"
(kbd "C-n") "gnext"
(kbd "SPC") "gnext"
(kbd "C-SPC") "gnext"
(kbd "N") "gnext-with-window"
(kbd "p") "gprev"
(kbd "C-p") "gprev"
(kbd "P") "gprev-with-window"
(kbd "o") "gother"
(kbd "'") "gselect"
(kbd "\"") "grouplist"
(kbd "m") "gmove"
(kbd "M") "gmove-marked"
(kbd "k") "gkill"
(kbd "A") "grename"
(kbd "r") "grename"
(kbd "1") "gselect 1"
(kbd "2") "gselect 2"
(kbd "3") "gselect 3"
(kbd "4") "gselect 4"
(kbd "5") "gselect 5"
(kbd "6") "gselect 6"
(kbd "7") "gselect 7"
(kbd "8") "gselect 8"
(kbd "9") "gselect 9"
(kbd "0") "gselect 10")
(fill-keymap *help-map*
(kbd "v") "describe-variable"
(kbd "f") "describe-function"
(kbd "k") "describe-key"
(kbd "c") "describe-command"
(kbd "w") "where-is")
(defcommand command-mode () ()
"Command mode allows you to type ratpoison commands without needing the
@key{C-t} prefix. Keys not bound in StumpWM will still get sent to the
current window. To exit command mode, type @key{C-g}."
(message "Press C-g to exit command-mode.")
(push-top-map *root-map*))
(defcommand set-prefix-key (key) ((:key "Key: "))
"Change the stumpwm prefix key to KEY.
\(stumpwm:set-prefix-key (stumpwm:kbd \"C-M-H-s-z\"))
@end example
This will change the prefix key to @key{Control} + @key{Meta} + @key{Hyper} + @key{Super} +
the @key{z} key. By most standards, a terrible prefix key but it makes a
great example."
(check-type key key)
(copy-key-into key *escape-key*)
;; if the escape key has no modifiers then disable the fake key by
;; giving it keysym -1, an impossible value. Otherwise you have 2
;; identical bindings and the one that appears first in the list
;; will be matched.
(copy-key-into (make-key :keysym (if (key-mods-p *escape-key*)
(key-keysym key)
-1)) *escape-fake-key*)
(defcommand-alias escape set-prefix-key)
(defcommand bind (key command)
((:string "Key Chord: ")
(:rest "Command: "))
"Hang a key binding off the escape key."
(define-key *root-map* (kbd key) command))
(defcommand send-escape () ()
"Send the escape key to the current window."
(send-meta-key (current-screen) *escape-key*))