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;;; Modeline cubes - A group switcher widget for the mode-line
(in-package :stumpwm)
(export '(create-cube create-cubes destroy-cubes find-cube-window cube-clicked))
(defparameter *cubes* '())
;; Show Group numbers or Group formatted names?
(defparameter *cube-display-number* nil)
;; border
(defparameter *cube-border-width* 1)
(defparameter *cube-border-color* "Black")
;; colors
(defparameter *cube-background* "Gray")
(defparameter *cube-background-toggled* "Orange")
(defparameter *cube-foreground* "Black")
(defparameter *cube-foreground-toggled* "Black")
(defstruct cube
(defun create-cube (ml group &optional (x 0))
"Create cube numer num at position x on mode-line ml"
(let* ((screen (mode-line-screen ml))
(font (screen-font screen))
(parent (mode-line-window ml))
(win (xlib:create-window
:parent parent
:x x
:y 0
:width (* (xlib:char-width (screen-font screen) 0) 2)
:height (mode-line-height ml)
:border (alloc-color screen *cube-border-color*)
:border-width *cube-border-width*
:event-mask (xlib:make-event-mask :exposure :button-press)))
(fg (alloc-color screen *cube-foreground*))
(bg (alloc-color screen *cube-background*))
(fg-toggled (alloc-color screen *cube-foreground-toggled*))
(bg-toggled (alloc-color screen *cube-background-toggled*))
(gcontext-normal (xlib:create-gcontext :drawable win
:font font
:foreground fg
:background bg))
(gcontext-toggled (xlib:create-gcontext :drawable win
:font font
:foreground fg-toggled
:background bg-toggled))
(cube (make-cube :state :normal
:number (group-number group)
:group group
:window win
; :mode-line ml
:gcontext-normal gcontext-normal
:gcontext-toggled gcontext-toggled))
(pixmap nil))
(setf (xlib:window-plist win) (list 'cube cube 'pixmap pixmap))
(defun toggle-cube (cube)
(cond ((eq (cube-state cube) :normal)
(setf (cube-state cube) :toggled))
((eq (cube-state cube) :toggled)
(setf (cube-state cube) :normal))))
(defun add-cube-group (ml group)
(setf (mode-line-cubes ml)
(sort (append (mode-line-cubes ml) (list (create-cube ml group)))
#'< :key 'cube-number)))
;;; cube events ;;
;; click
(defun cube-clicked (cube)
(let ((new-group (find (cube-number cube) (screen-groups (current-screen)) :key 'group-number)))
(and new-group (switch-to-group new-group))))
;; exposure
(defun draw-cube (cube)
(let* ((win (cube-window cube))
(px (getf (xlib:window-plist win) 'pixmap))
(gc (or (and (eq (cube-state cube) :toggled) (cube-gcontext-toggled cube))
(cube-gcontext-normal cube)))
(font (xlib:gcontext-font gc))
;(xlib:char-width font 0))
(string (cube-string cube))
(char-width (xlib:char-width font 0))
(text-width (xlib:text-width font string))
(window-width (+ text-width
;; change window width if different
(unless (eq (xlib:drawable-width win) window-width)
(setf (xlib:drawable-width win) window-width))
;; create pixmap if required
(when (or (not px)
(/= (xlib:drawable-width px) (xlib:drawable-width win))
(/= (xlib:drawable-height px) (xlib:drawable-height win)))
(setf px (xlib:create-pixmap
:drawable win
:width (xlib:drawable-width win)
:height (xlib:drawable-height win)
:depth (xlib:drawable-depth win))
(getf (xlib:window-plist win) 'pixmap) px))
;; sync window background with gc background
(setf (xlib:window-background win) (xlib:gcontext-background gc))
(xlib:map-window win)
;; draw text
(xlib:clear-area win)
(xlib:with-gcontext (gc :foreground (xlib:gcontext-background gc))
(xlib:draw-rectangle px gc 0 0 (xlib:drawable-width px) (xlib:drawable-height px) t))
(xlib:draw-image-glyphs px gc (round (/ char-width 2)) ;; char-width / 2 draws at center
(xlib:font-ascent font)
:translate #'translate-id
:size 16)
(xlib:copy-area px gc 0 0 (xlib:drawable-width px) (xlib:drawable-height px) win 0 0)
(xlib:display-finish-output *display*)))
(defun cube-string (cube)
(if *cube-display-number*
(write-to-string (group-number (cube-group cube)))
(format-expand *group-formatters* *group-format* (cube-group cube))))
;;; cube management ;;
(defun destroy-cubes (ml)
(setf (mode-line-cubes ml) (remove-if (lambda (cube)
(xlib:destroy-window (cube-window cube)) t)
(mode-line-cubes ml)))
(xlib:display-finish-output *display*))
(defun find-cube-window (win)
(second (xlib:window-plist win)))
(defun find-cube-number (ml num)
(find-if (lambda (cube)
(eq (cube-number cube) num))
(mode-line-cubes ml)))
(defun find-cube-group (ml group)
(find-if (lambda (cube)
(eq (cube-group cube) group))
(mode-line-cubes ml)))
;; Delete a cube window and remove it from *cubes*
;; Apply key on each cube and delete if = arg
(defun delete-cube (ml arg key)
(setf (mode-line-cubes ml) (remove-if (lambda (cube)
(if (eq (funcall (symbol-function key) cube) arg)
(progn (xlib:destroy-window (cube-window cube)) t)))
(mode-line-cubes ml)))
;; (unless (zerop (length (mode-line-cubes ml))) (rearrange-cubes ml))
(xlib:display-finish-output *display*))
(defun rearrange-cubes (ml &optional (x 0))
(mode-line-cubes ml)
(progn (setf (xlib:drawable-x (cube-window (first (mode-line-cubes ml))))
(reduce (lambda (cube1 cube2)
(let* ((cube1-win (cube-window cube1))
(cube1-width (xlib:drawable-width cube1-win))
(cube2-x (+ (xlib:drawable-x cube1-win) cube1-width)))
(setf (xlib:drawable-x (cube-window cube2)) cube2-x))
(mode-line-cubes ml))
(redraw-cubes ml)
(xlib:display-finish-output *display*))))
;; Stumpwm environment ;;
(defun create-mode-line-cubes (ml)
(destroy-cubes ml)
(dolist (w (sort-groups (group-screen (mode-line-current-group ml))))
(add-cube-group ml w)))
;; redraw cube windows
(defun redraw-cubes (ml)
(mapcar (lambda (cube)
(setf (cube-state cube)
(if (eq (cube-number cube) (group-number (current-group)))
(draw-cube cube))
(mode-line-cubes ml)))
(defun cube-switch (new old)
(let ((mls (mapcar (lambda (head) (head-mode-line head))
(screen-heads (group-screen new)))))
(mapcar (lambda (ml)
(when ml
;; Create cube for a new group
(if (not (find-cube-group ml new))
(add-cube-group ml new)
(redraw-cubes ml))
;; Delete cube if 'old' group doesn't exist
(if (not (find old (screen-groups (group-screen new))))
(delete-cube ml old 'cube-group))))
(defun add-cube-switch-hook ()
;; Group Switch hook
;; To be moved to switch-to-group in group.lisp or update-mode-line
(add-hook *focus-group-hook* (lambda (new old) (cube-switch new old))))