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The CSS Animation Store exposes a simple to use interface for accessing and modifying CSS Animations with Javascript.


Here is the basic interface for the CSS Animation Store. Include the JavaScript just before the closing </html> and it will expose a new global property called CSSAnimations. The object contains each available CSS Animation currently available.

So, to get an animation named 'spin' you would do the following:

var spin = CSSAnimations.spin;

The variable spin now holds an instance of a KeyframeAnimation object, which has the following properties and functions:

  • keyframes array of KeyframeRule objects

  • original gives access to the native WebKitCSSKeyframesRule or MozCSSKeyframesRule object this object wraps

  • getKeyframeTexts() returns an array of all available keyframe texts, e.g. ['0%', '50%', '100%']

  • getKeyframe(text) returns a KeyframeRule based on the provided text, e.g. getKeyframe('0%')

  • setKeyframe(text, css) sets the CSS for a keyframe the given text, e.g. setKeyframe('10%', {background: 'red', 'font-size': '2em'})

As you can see, a few of these methods/properties also deal with another type of object called KeyframeRule. This is a wrapping around the WebKitCSSKeyframeRule and MozCSSKeyframeRule (note frame not frames). The KeyframeRule object has the following properties:

  • css object with the CSS for this keyframe, e.g. {background: 'red', 'font-size': '2em'}
  • keyText the text name for this frame, e.g. 10%
  • original gives access to the native WebKitCSSKeyframeRule or MozCSSKeyframeRule object this object wraps

Examples of use

Getting the CSS for each frame in an animation

var spin = CSSAnimations.spin;

for(var i=0; i<spin.keyframes.length; i++)

Adding/modifying a keyframe to an animation

var spin = CSSAnimations.spin;
spin.setKeyframe('10%', {background: 'red', 'font-size': '2em'});


CSS Animation Store is Copyright © 2011 Joe Lambert and is licensed under the terms of the MIT License.