CF card to RXV11 interface
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CF card to RXV11 interface

This project provides a Disk drive for a pdp-11 computer. The drive uses modern storage (CF card)

The interface is the same as a RX01 drive, but its not software compatable.

32768 blocks of 512 bytes (16 meg)

Transfer is 512 byte blocks (not 128)

No interleave, no track skew

Included is a modified DX driver called SD (for Solidstate Disk) That has been tested with RT-11 V5.03.

The Idea for this project came from RX11emu By Peter McCollum. His project used a custom board in the PDP-11. and ran on a PC. I use a standard RXV11 interface. (or RX11 but I can't test that) and runs on a small PC board using a ATmega32 AVR processor.

The standard RX01 toggle in boot works. It just emptys the silo to location zero and jumps to it.

The standard boot ROM will not work. It sets the track=1+sector=1 and counts bytes.