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As of October 7, 2012 I (Joel Burget) have given up maintainership of this project. Development is currently happening at and as part of the original slim project.

slimlock - unholy screen locker

This is the Frankenstein's monster of screen lockers. I had the horrible idea to graft SLiM and slock together to create the screen locker that should have never been.

Slimlock reads your SLiM config files and uses the same interface. If you use SLiM already, then it should work for you automatically.

Requirements and Building

Requires X11, imlib2, freetype, pam. Change CFGDIR in the makefile to the directory containing you slim.conf. As root, install with make then make install.

Running slimlock

Run with slimlock.


Slimlock reads SLiM's slim.conf and slimlock.conf, which should be at $CFGDIR/etc/slimlock.conf. The currently available settings and their defaults are:

  • dpms_standby_timeout: number of seconds of inactivity before the screen blanks.
    • Default: 60
  • dpms_off_timeout: same as above, but the screen turns off.
    • Default: 600
  • wrong_passwd_timeout: number of seconds after entering an incorrect password before slimlock will accept another attempt.
    • Default: 2
  • passwd_feedback_msg: message to display after a failed authentication attempt.
    • Default: "Authentication failed"
  • passwd_feedback_capslock: message to display after a failed authentication attempt if the CapsLock is on.
    • Default: "Authentication failed (CapsLock is on)"
  • show_username: whether or not to display the username on themes with only a single input box. 1 to show, 0 to disable.
    • Default: 1
  • show_welcome_msg: whether or not to display SLiM's welcome message. 1 to show, 0 to disable.
    • Default: 0
  • tty_lock: whether or not to allow virtual terminals switching. 1 to disallow, 0 to allow.
    • Default: 1
  • bell: whether to ring the bell on authentication failure. 1 to enable, 0 to disable.
    • Default: 1


slimlock copyright (c) 2010-2012 Joel Burget

Image handling code revamped, PAM authentication, and other miscellaneous tweaks by (c) 2011 Kevin Sullivan

SLiM is copyright (c) 2004-06 by Simone Rota, Johannes Winkelmann and is available under the GNU General Public License. See the COPYING file for the complete license.

Image handling code adapted and extended from xplanet 1.0.1, copyright (c) 2002-04 by Hari Nair is copyright (c) 1997, 1998 by Per Liden and is licensed through the GNU General Public License.

Multi-monitor support adapted from xscreensaver, copyright (c) 1993-2006 by Jamie Zawinski

CapsLock handling adapted from xlockmore, copyright (c) 1998-1991 by Patrick J. Naughton


SLiM + slock = slimlock







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