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cannot suspend #4

joelburget opened this Issue October 04, 2011 · 6 comments

3 participants

Joel Burget Daniel Baulig Luuk Hendriks
Joel Burget

"Did a quick test with the newest version and pm-suspend/s2disk continues not to do anything after slimlock has launched. It happens right on the first try so I don't think the problem was the fact that you didn't unlock it afterwards but rather the lock itself."

"Notice that I still can't hibernate while using slimlock (using i3lock for the time being)"

Daniel Baulig

I'm also having trouble suspending using slimlock. All pm-utils hooks seem to be processed successfully, but the actual suspending to sleep will hang and not finish correctly. I'm happy to provide additional feedback to help fixing this issue.

Joel Burget

I'm not really sure what the problem is with suspending since I don't use it myself. Here's what I would try:

  1. Disable tty locking by setting tty_lock 0 in /etc/slimlock.conf
  2. Disable dpms by setting dpms_standby_timeout 0
  3. Slimlock is owned by root, would that cause problems with suspending?

Hopefully this is helpful.

Luuk Hendriks

I'm experiencing the same issue. Tried the three suggestions Joel made but that they did not fix the problem.

Installed from aur (using kernel 3.1.9-1-ARCH):
aur/slimlock-git 20110611-1

slimlock -v gives:
slimlock-0.10.1, © 2010 Joel Burget

Slimlock is called as can be seen in the pm-utils script on the Arch wiki:

Joel Burget

@DRiKE I was having the same problem and setting tty_lock 0 worked for me. Would you mind confirming it doesn't work for you?

Luuk Hendriks

It works when setting dpms_standby_timeout, dpms_off_timeout and tty_lock all to 0 !

Joel Burget

Fixed with version 0.11 - tty_lock 0 is now the default.

Joel Burget joelburget closed this February 06, 2012
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