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This script does various operations to move parts of wordpress sites from one place to anouther.
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#This is like not even alpha #Documentation is not finished #See script output when given no arguments for a description of what it does #Basic usage

To do all operations from to in sites/yourwebsite/: -r -a "all stage dev"

To do the same in test mode: -a "all stage dev"

To just copy the database: -r -a "db stage dev"

#Getting Started make sure you have the newest version: git pull origin master

##Put script in your path

###EXAMPLE 1 go to bash-wp-porter and type in terminal:

[you@YourComputer bin]$ bash bin/ -p

script start: 2016-08-07:18:17:47

in handle_args() -p

adding export PATH=$PATH:/data/viridian/scripts/bash-wp-porter/bin to bashrc

  *** DONE *** 

Everything went as expected: Exiting... script exited: 2016-08-07:18:17:47 exit: 0

###2 then source your bashrc:

[you@YourComputer bin]$ source ~/.bashrc

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