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@echo off
call tools/check-trailing-space-windows.bat
if %errorlevel% NEQ 0 goto Fail
set OutDebugFile=output\knockout-latest.debug.js
set OutMinFile=output\knockout-latest.js
set AllFiles=
for /f "eol=] skip=1 delims=' " %%i in (fragments\source-references.js) do set Filename=%%i& call :Concatenate
goto :Combine
if /i "%AllFiles%"=="" (
set AllFiles=..\%Filename:/=\%
) else (
set AllFiles=%AllFiles% ..\%Filename:/=\%
goto :EOF
type fragments\extern-pre.js > %OutDebugFile%.temp
type fragments\amd-pre.js >> %OutDebugFile%.temp
type %AllFiles% >> %OutDebugFile%.temp 2>nul
type fragments\amd-post.js >> %OutDebugFile%.temp
type fragments\extern-post.js >> %OutDebugFile%.temp
@rem Now call Google Closure Compiler to produce a minified version
tools\curl -d output_info=compiled_code -d output_format=text -d compilation_level=ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATIONS --data-urlencode output_wrapper="(function() {%%output%%})();" --data-urlencode "js_code=/**@const*/var DEBUG=false;" --data-urlencode js_code@%OutDebugFile%.temp "" > %OutMinFile%.temp
@rem Finalise each file by prefixing with version header and surrounding in function closure
copy /y fragments\version-header.js %OutDebugFile% >nul
echo (function(){>> %OutDebugFile%
echo var DEBUG=true;>> %OutDebugFile%
type %OutDebugFile%.temp >> %OutDebugFile%
echo })();>> %OutDebugFile%
del %OutDebugFile%.temp
copy /y fragments\version-header.js %OutMinFile% >nul
type %OutMinFile%.temp >> %OutMinFile%
del %OutMinFile%.temp
@rem Inject the version number string
set /p Version= <fragments\version.txt
cscript tools\searchReplace.js "##VERSION##" %VERSION% %OutDebugFile% %OutMinFile% >nul
cscript tools\searchReplace.js "\r\n" "\n" %OutDebugFile% %OutMinFile% >nul
echo Build succeeded
exit /b 0
echo Build failed