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ADNKit 1.2 Release Notes

ADNKit 1.1.2 Release Notes

Getting Started

How to use ADNKit - An overview of the framework architecture and how things work. A good place for new users to start!


Authentication basics - Learn how to get started with both username/password auth and oauth, including tips for securely storing the access token across launches.

Easy authentication for iOS apps - See what ADNKit offers to iOS app developers trying to get past authentication as quickly and easily as possible (including the sign-in UI).

Supporting multiple logged-in Users - ADNKit supports having multiple authenticated users at the same time. Expand your app to support multiple accounts with very little impact to your code.

API Features

Working with Pagination and Meta - Learn how to use two important and interconnected features of the API: pagination parameters and the response meta dictionary.

Working with Annotations - ADNKit offers many convenience methods for making annotations easier to create and use, learn about them here.

Misc Articles

Tips and Tricks - There are a lot of useful convenience methods sprinkled throughout the framework. Find out more about some of them here. (this article will be updated as methods that fall under this category are added to the framework).

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