ProseMirror plugin to enable @mentions and #hashtags
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ProseMirror Mentions

A ProseMirror plugin that enables @mentions and #hashtags in a prosemirror view.



What's different then?

prosemirror-suggestions is a lighter alternative that comes with the bare minimum. It is upto you to implement the dropdown & related logic.

prosemirror-mentions is a fully packed plugin. It comes with all batteries included: default dropdown UI, behavior handling, support for async fetching of suggestions, etc. Configure options to suit your needs.


npm install prosemirror-mentions


import {addMentionNodes, addTagNodes, getMentionsPlugin} from 'prosemirror-mentions'


var schema = new Schema({
    nodes: addTagNodes(addMentionNodes(schema.spec.nodes)),
    marks: schema.spec.marks


 * IMPORTANT: outer div's "suggestion-item-list" class is mandatory. The plugin uses this class for querying.
 * IMPORTANT: inner div's "suggestion-item" class is mandatory too for the same reasons
var getMentionSuggestionsHTML = items => '<div class="suggestion-item-list">'+ => '<div class="suggestion-item">''</div>').join('')+

 * IMPORTANT: outer div's "suggestion-item-list" class is mandatory. The plugin uses this class for querying.
 * IMPORTANT: inner div's "suggestion-item" class is mandatory too for the same reasons
var getTagSuggestionsHTML = items => '<div class="suggestion-item-list">'+ => '<div class="suggestion-item">'+i.tag+'</div>').join('')+

var plugins = [/* A list of other plugins */]

var mentionPlugin = getMentionsPlugin({
    getSuggestions: (type, text, done) => {
      setTimeout(() => {
        if (type === 'mention') {
            // pass dummy mention suggestions
            done([{name: 'John Doe', id: '101', email: ''}, {name: 'Joe Lewis', id: '102', email: ''}])
        } else {
            // pass dummy tag suggestions
            done([{tag: 'WikiLeaks'}, {tag: 'NetNeutrality'}])
      }, 0);
    getSuggestionsHTML: (items, type) =>  {
      if (type === 'mention') {
        return getMentionSuggestionsHTML(items)
      } else if (type === 'tag') {
        return getTagSuggestionsHTML(items)

plugins.unshift(mentionPlugin); // push it before keymap plugin to override keydown handlers
window.view = new EditorView(document.querySelector("#my-editor-div"), {
  state: EditorState.create({
    schema: schema,
    plugins: plugins

Refer example application for clarifications.

Complete List of Options

// default options
var defaultOpts = {
  // char for triggering @mention
  mentionTrigger: "@",

  // char for triggering #tag
  hashtagTrigger: "#",

  // if true: allows you to type @FirstName LastName with a space in between.
  allowSpace: true,

   * callback to fetch suggestions and return a list of suggestions
   * @param {String} type - 'mention' or 'tag'
   * @param {String} text - query text. For e.g @Joh -> text = 'Joh'
   * @param {Function} done - callback to execute after fetching suggestions (ideally from ajax requests)
  getSuggestions: (type, text, done) => {

   * callback to construct and return a HTML string for a set of suggestions
   * @param {Array} items - a list of suggestions returned from getSuggestions()
   * @param {String} type - 'mention' or 'tag'
  getSuggestionsHTML: (items, type) =>
    '<div class="suggestion-item-list">' +
      .map(i =>
        '<div class="suggestion-item">' + type === "mention"
          : i.tag + "</div>"
      .join("") +

  // css class to add when a .suggestion-item element is active / selected.
  activeClass: "suggestion-item-active",

  // css class to add to "@Mentioned Text" in editor. Can be used to style, the current active @mention content.
  suggestionTextClass: "prosemirror-suggestion",

  // Max number of suggestions to show in dropdown UI.
  // The response from getSuggestions() will be truncated based on this value.
  maxNoOfSuggestions: 10,

  // debounce timeout for getSuggestions() call when user types continuously
  delay: 500


npm run build
npm run watch


Pending Tasks

grep the repository for "TODO:"


Use Github Issues to file requests and bugs.


MIT License