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Write, publish and let your audience play your write-up like a ppt presentation.
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What is Writango?

Writango is a tool to write something and publish it as a playable article. There's a demo here. It could be considered as an article that could be presented like a presentation.

Installation Guide

Writango is a Python / Django project. The front-end is written with React. Being a Django project you can use your database of choice. Just configure to suit your needs. It runs using SQLite by default. Look here for sample

git clone
cd writango
virtualenv venv
pip install -r requirements.txt

# Edit to suit your needs and rename it to

cd server/
python makemigrations
python migrate
python runserver

cd ../client/
npm install # make sure you've got the right version of node & NPM
webpack --config webpack.config.js --watch # use webpack.config.production.js for production compiling

If you visit http://localhost:8000, you should be able to reach your Writango instance.


Refer TODO.txt to refer things in pipeline. If you are familiar with Python or React and/or simply interested in the project, do help complete the TODO.


MIT License.

Pull requests are welcome. Use github issues to file bugs and other queries.

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