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1. [done] Pagination of lists (Posts, Drafts).
2. API urls should be proper REST compliant or at the least not as ugly as of now.
3. [done] Screenshots & Gifs
4. Proper state management library for saner client data management.
5. [done] Rate throttling and draft limits for unregistered users.
6. Separate models for Draft & Post. Right now it's just one big table for both drafts and posts.
7. [done] More formatting options like codeblocks, images, etc.
8. [done] Rich text editing toolbar should be customized.
9. [done] Register / Login flow APIs & Pages.
10. [done] Encrypt/decrpyt sessions in URL.
11. [done] Publish action on draft page
12. [done] Favicon & Title
13. Proper error responses with HTTP codes
13. Exception handling and error reporting
14. Higher Order Components to inject shared behavior (createDraft, list, etc)
15. [important] The PostView page should contain author information and link to author's other posts.