Display an interstitial ad when user clicks on YOURLs link with plugin enabled.
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Joel’s Interstitial Plugin for YOURLs

Copyright (C) 2014 - 2017 Joel Gratcyk



That's obvious but I'll state it anyway, the plugin requires a running and up to date YOURLS installation.

Create a directory named for instance "interstitial" in the /user/plugins directory, and upload there the content of the attached archive, keeping the directory structure

Go to the plugin admin panel and activate "Joel's Interstitial" plugin


From now on the plugin is functional but it'll need your customization.

The plugin uses file template.html to "draw" the interstitial page. I made some basic HTML but you'll probably want to customize it to match the look and feel of a given site, or on the contrary make it as generic as possible so it can match several sites you're running.

This template is regular HTML & JS, but it uses a particular notation that is used by the plugin which will replace %stuff% with the content of variable 'stuff':

Variable Definition
%url% location of redirection
%pagetitle% title of that page
%pluginurl% url of the plugin
%ad% content of the ad

Customize the template to your will but make sure there's always at least %url% in it. Make also sure you leave the actual redirection in (I used an HTML tag and a JS script, both set to redirect after 15 seconds)

If you want to use images and CSS, put them in the plugin's /img and /css directory and link to them as I did in the example template.html:

(eg <img src="%pluginurl%/img/logo.jpg" />)

Customize ad code

Last step: define an actual ad.

In the plugin admin screen (notice the new sub menu "Interstitial Ad") enter you ad code. Again, it can be any HTML/JS you would otherwise insert into a regular page (Adsense javascript, plain old referral link, etc...)

I suggest you make sure there's a "_new" target for the ad so that if a user clicks on it, it opens a new page and doesn't override the redirection the user expected on first place.

If you run a popular URL shortener, you could also put a link along the lines of "Want your ad here? Contact me"

That's it !

Have fun with Joel’s Interstitial Plugin for YOURLs and don’t spam anyone!

Like the plugin? I'd love for you to buy me a beer link as a thank you.