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# the class that represents story objects in the database
require 'mongo_mapper'
MongoMapper.database = 'hackernews'
class Story
include MongoMapper::Document
key :hnid, Integer
key :link_url, String
key :link_title, String
key :domain, String
key :user, String
key :scraped_at, Time
key :tweeted_at, Time
key :like, Boolean
key :tweeted, Boolean
key :prediction, Float
scope :untweeted, where(:tweeted => false)
def inspect
"hnid: #{self.hnid}\n#{link_title}\n#{link_url}"
Story.ensure_index [[:tweeted,1],[:tweeted_at,-1]]
Story.ensure_index [[:like,1]]
Story.ensure_index [[:hnid,1]], :unique => true