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import json
import random
import re
pos = {
'cc': 'Coordinating conjunction',
'cd': 'Cardinal number',
'dt': 'Determiner',
'ex': 'Existential there',
'fw': 'Foreign word',
'in': 'Preposition or subordinating conjunction',
'jj': 'Adjective',
'jjr': 'Adjective, comparative',
'jjs': 'Adjective, superlative',
'ls': 'List item marker',
'md': 'Modal',
'nn': 'Noun, singular or mass',
'nns': 'Noun, plural',
'nnp': 'Proper noun, singular',
'nnps': 'Proper noun, plural',
'pdt': 'Predeterminer',
'pos': 'Possessive ending',
'prp': 'Personal pronoun',
'prp$': 'Possessive pronoun',
'rb': 'Adverb',
'rbr': 'Adverb, comparative',
'rbs': 'Adverb, superlative',
'rp': 'Particle',
'sym': 'Symbol',
'to': 'to',
'uh': 'Interjection',
'vb': 'Verb, base form',
'vbd': 'Verb, past tense',
'vbg': 'Verb, gerund or present participle',
'vbn': 'Verb, past participle',
'vbp': 'Verb, non-3rd person singular present',
'vbz': 'Verb, 3rd person singular present',
'wdt': 'Wh-determiner',
'wp': 'Wh-pronoun',
'wp$': 'Possessive wh-pronoun',
'wrb': 'Wh-adverb',
# others
'animal': 'Animal',
'body': 'Body part',
'body_plural': 'Body part, plural',
'food': 'Food',
'liquid': 'Liquid',
with open('stories.json') as f:
stories = json.load(f)
story = random.choice(stories)
regex = "<.*?::(.*?)/>"
parts = re.split(regex, story)
outparts = []
for i, part in enumerate(parts):
if i % 2 == 1:
# remove ':'
part = part.strip(':')
# be defensive against accidental blank answers
while True:
answer = input(f"{pos.get(part, part)}: ")
if answer:
part = answer