Techememe rolled out a new design on January 26, 2012. I am overall, happy with this re-design, however, I do not like their CSS font choices which currently strain my eyes to read. This CSS file attempts to improve them.
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#Better Techmeme CSS

On January 26, 2012 Techmeme released the new design for their site. While many users were happy with the design, many were not happy with the designers new choice of fonts, mainly Optima. When viewed on a Windows 7 machine running Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome it looks acceptable - not great - but acceptable. When viewed on almost any browser on a Mac the font renders poorly and is hard to read for most people. I took it upon myself to write my own user style to fix this. As I was doing this, Mike Rundle posted that he was doing the same. After he made his own work available to the public, I realized that he did a much better job than I. With his permission, I took the majority of his styles and incorpoated it into this repo. - Joel Housman

Contributors: Joel Housman (@joelhousman), Mike Rundle (@flyosity)

I am a Safari user. I recommend this Safari extension to apply these styles:

If you use other browsers and have your own recommendation, or know of a better one for Safari, please commit a push request to let us know.