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A build of Zebra Crossing ( for ios 4
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actionscript Adding the actionscript3/Flex conversion of the zxing library plus a … Nov 20, 2009
android-integration Add Code 93 support. Update tests to reflect new (better) number of s… May 30, 2010
androidtest Tighten up some stuff I saw from the logs May 8, 2010
core Fix corner case - pure barcode, 1 pixel module Jul 14, 2010
cpp C++: binarizer updates Jul 19, 2010
csharp New C# port from Suraj Supekar Feb 5, 2010
iphone [iphone][ScanTest] updated after update of ZingWidgetController Jun 19, 2010
javame For consistency with android/ search Google Apr 13, 2010
javase Add auto-translation tool to help update strings with Google Translat… Jun 17, 2010
jruby Replace tabs with spaces ( part of accepting another big patch); fix … May 2, 2010
symbian Updated with the latest version of the library. Uses MultiFormatReade… Jul 14, 2010 On the way to deploy new verison, add favicon Jun 29, 2010
COPYING Standardize and update all copyright statements to name "ZXing author… Jun 19, 2008
README Fix small compile error in javame/, update for Java ME SDK 3.x layout… Apr 12, 2010


Please refer to the project page for more information:
in particular:

To get started, you can try building and running the command-line client;
you will need to have Apache's Ant tool installed to run this:

ant -f core/build.xml
ant -f javase/build.xml
java -cp javase/javase.jar:core/core.jar [URL]
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