CLI tool to generate a static site from a Wordpress export file.
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CLI tool to generate a static site from a Wordpress export file, and markdown content. Uses RazorEngine as the templating engine, and a Wordpress post export file as the input.

This was originally written primarily to support the move of my blog ( off of Wordpress. However this tool could be generalized into a more broadly useful tool given time and attention :)

In the meantime, it can be easily customized.

  • The content model is driven by a WordPress export file (content.xml)
  • Program.GetContent loads the file and uses linq-to-xml to build a list of post objects that serve as the model.
  • Program.BuildSite drives the creation of files. In the current iteration of this app, it's just an index page, and a list of posts.
  • The content templates use Razor syntax and are stored in /Templates folder.
  • Any non-template content such as images and css can be put in the /out folder. Just make sure you set the file properties to "copy if newer".

The static site will be output into the output location's 'out' folder (ie. /bin/debug/out).