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note: this library has been superceded by the API. You should use that one as it is more up to date.

C# API Wrapper for the DarkSky API. Currently supported platforms are: Windows Phone, iOS, and Android via MonoTouch/Mono for Android.

Usage is very simple:

using DarkSky;
var darksky = new DarkSky.Api(YOUR_API_KEY);
var orlando  = new Position { Latitude=28.5381d, Longitude=-81.3794d };
Task<FullForecast> response = darksky.GetForecastAsync(orlando);

response.ContinueWith(forecast => DisplayText(forecast.Result.HourSummary));
// displays something like "Rain starting in 3 Min, Stopping 30 Min Later"

Currently supported endpoints:

Please let me know if you have any feedback either by opening an issue, emailing me, commenting on my blog, or forking this project and submitting a pull request.