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+layout: post
+title: Posted "Automate Everything"
+Test Driven Development has bothered me, as it seems to be part of a
+greater idea. I think I have figured out what it is.
+[Automate Everything](/content/automate-everything.html)
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+layout: page
+title: Automate Everything
+Ever since I started to practice Test Driven Development, it has bothered me. While
+it is a really great and
+process, I always felt like it was a shadow of another idea. There are
+many things that are really similar to TDD, but aren't part of the
+testing process.
+For example, I always noticed that testing out the way your function
+behaves in an interactive shell is really similar to writing a
+test. Indeed, they seem to be almost the same
+thing<sup><a href="#python-for-example">1</a></sup>. Why are they so
+Or, whenever I am learning a new library, I play around with
+it, trying to figure out how it works, and specifically how it should
+be useful for the purposes of my project. Here's the thing -- if I
+were to change these shell sessions into test suites, it
+*would provide documentation about that library that is suited to my particular
+However, *writing tests for external code is considered wrong*. So,
+while I see the usefulness as documentation, it is also wrong. Highly
+useful, and wrong. This bothers
+me. If doing something like that is beneficial, why shouln't I do
+All of this made testing seem like a small piece of a greater,
+possibly more important practice, and for the first eight months or so
+of my practicing TDD, they bothered me. Until one day, inspiration
+struck.[Test Driven Development isn't *really* about *testing*, it is about
+We can automate ourselves, and this
+can bring tremendous benefit -- benefit on the level of what test
+driven development brings.
+Suddenly, these strange issues seemed to melt away. That
+library-documenting code that I was talking about? It isn't
+testing. But, it is still something that can be really useful if
+So, I'm trying it out. It seems like a hunch worth testing. I am
+making a strong effort do figure out what
+areas of my life could benefit from automation, and I'm figuring out
+what the best way to do it is. I hope to post the results here.
+<span class="footnotes">
+1. <a id="python-for-example"></a> Check out
+[Python's doctest library](
+for an interesting look at this idea.
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<ul class="posts">
+ <li>
+ <a href="/content/automate-everything.html">Automate Everything</a>
+ </li>
<a href="/content/automatic-test-driven-development.html">Automatic
Test Driven Development</a>

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