A Github management Tool for Processing
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Git Manager


The Git Manager is a tool to act as a complete and convenient interface between GitHub and Processing, and to integrate the awesomeness of version control with Processing. It is meant to be able to provide not only all the offline features of Git, but also the power of collaboration and numerous other features that GitHub brings to the table. Though the tool is primarily meant to enable the user to use all of GitHub’s features via the tool, the user will be provided the flexibility to use the tool for Git operations alone, if he/she so chooses (for example, add, commit, branch, etc.). The tool's webpage maybe viewed here.

The Git-Manager in an image

The super-intuitive, friendly neighbourhood Git-Manager

Installation Instructions

The Easy Way: Installating the Git Manager via the Contribution Manager

The easiest way to install the Git Manager is from within the PDE's Tools Manager:

  • Go to Tools > Add Tool...
  • Click on Git Manager, and click on the Install button in the bottom pane

The Hard Way: Manually Installating the Git Manager

To use Git Manager from within the Processing IDE (like a normal tool), do the following:

  • Create a folder named "tools" inside your Sketchbook folder (if not already present). The location of the sketchbook folder is shown in Processing's Preferences dialog.
  • Download the latest release (GitManager.zip) and extract it into the "tools" folder. Ensure that in the tools folder, GitManager folder has src, tools, etc. within it, and not another sub-folder named GitManager.
  • Start Processing

Instructions to Build Git Manager

To compile Git Manager, do the following:

  1. Clone Git Manager into a location of your choice:
    Change the directory to where you would like to clone Git Manager to, and the run the following command in the Git Bash Terminal:
    git clone https://github.com/joelmoniz/Git-Manager.git
    Note: If you would like to contribute to the Git Manager, you'll have to fork it instead.
  2. Import the cloned project into Eclipse
  3. Open the build.properties file in the resources folder, and change the property "sketchbook.location" to wherever your Processing sketchbook is located, as instructed in the file
  4. Now, to show the Ant View, go to Window > Show View > Ant
  5. Drag the resources/build.xml file onto the Ant view there
  6. Press the 'Play' button, and voilà!