Helps content creators create publications which live as e-mail blasts, blog posts, and other content forms.
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What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is a real time, collaborative, multi channel, content creation system. It's purpose is to help publication authors better manage their content.

  • Real Time - Content owners can see real time live previews of their pre published content as editors continue working.
  • Collaborative - A real time user interface allows multiple content creator's to manage the same piece of content at the same time.
  • Multi Channel - A single piece of content can be streamed to an infinite number of channels. See what your content looks like in each channel before publishing.
  • Content Creation System - Light weight wysiwyg's, bulk image uploading/manipulation, and a user management system make Gutenberg robust but still very easy to use.

Where can I see this live?

The application is currently reliant on a corporate authentication system and a public web demo isn't currently an option. I'm working to abstract this logic and hope to get a public demo up soon.