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Reshape JavaScript objects to match a schema
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Reshaper is a JavaScript library which can automatically restructure JavaScript objects to match a provided schema. It also provides users with some manual control, by way of a 'hint' system.

To see some interactive examples, check out this Kajero notebook.


npm install reshaper


reshaper(data, schema, [hint])

  • data: The JavaScript data structure to be reshaped.
  • schema: The structure we want our reshaped data to match.
  • hint: (Optional) The name of an object key, given as a 'hint'. Keys matching this hint will be preferred. An array of keys can also be provided if desired.


var reshaper = require('reshaper');

var peopleData = [
        name: 'Joel',
        info: {
            age: 22,
            height: 1.9,
            middleName: 'Robert',
            lastName: 'Auterson'
        name: 'Jake',
        info: {
            age: 24,
            height: 1.85,
            middleName: 'Wild',
            lastName: 'Hall'

var schema = ['String'];

reshaper(peopleData, schema);
// => ['Joel', 'Jake']

// We can give a 'hint', to say lastName is what we want.
reshaper(peopleData, schema, 'lastName');
// => ['Auterson', 'Hall']

// Object keys get used as hints
var schema = {
    age: ['Number'],
    height: ['Number']

reshaper(peopleData, schema);
/* =>
    age: [22, 24],
    height: [1.9, 1.85]
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