ADKAR change management model: awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, reinforcement
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ADKAR change management model

ADKAR change management model:

See ADKAR change management model


Is the person aware of the change?

Good ways to help awareness:

  • Messaging: such as announcements, timelines, etc.

  • Ask: what is happening with this change?


Does the person want the change?

Good ways to help desire:

  • Motivating: such as one-on-one meetings, team goal settings, etc.

  • Ask: why do I want this change?


Does the person know how to make the change?

Good ways to help knowledge:

  • Training: such as staff seminars, employee education, etc.

  • Ask: what do I need to know to help with this change?


Can the person help effect the change?

Good ways to help ability:

  • Practicing: such as sandboxing, pairing, coaching, etc.

  • Ask: how can I prove I can do this change?


Can the person continue with the change?

Good ways to help reinforcement:

  • Sustaining: such as follow ups, reinforcement learning, etc.

  • Ask: after the change happens, am I still successful?