Demo AWS Lambda function setup
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Demo AWS Lambda using NodeJS

AWS lambda nodejs

Demonstration of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda function setup, using simple NodeJS code.

Sign up

Create a function

Go to the Lamba dashboard at

  • Click "Create a Lambda function"

Select blueprint:

  • Blueprints are sample configurations of event sources and Lambda functions. There are blueprints for APIs, microservices, data sources, third-party integrations, and more.

  • Click "Blank Function" because we will create our own function.

Configure triggers:

  • Triggers invoke our function, and can come from many AWS areas, such as API Gateway, Alexa, CloudWatch, S3, SNS, etc.

  • Click "Next" to skip this step.

Configure function:

  • Name: myDemoFunction

  • Description: My demo function is great!

  • Runtime: Node.js 4.3

Lambda function code:

  • Code entry type: Edit code inline

  • The edit box shows:

    exports.handler = (event, context, callback) => { // TODO implement callback(null, 'Hello from Lambda'); };

Lambda function handler and role:

  • Handler: index.handler

  • Role: Create a new role from template(s)

  • Role name: myDemoRole

  • Policy templates: Simple microservices permissions

Advanced settings:

  • Use the defaults



If you're following this demo, then you're already on the function page, and you see a big blue "Test" button.

  • Click "Test"

Input test event:

  • Sample event template: Hello World (default)

  • Use the default input source code, which has some keys and values.

  • Click "Save and test"


  • The results area shows:

    • Execution result: succeeded (logs)
    • "Hello from Lambda"
  • The summary area shows:

    • Code SHA-256
    • Request ID
    • Duration
    • Billed duration
    • Resources configured
    • Max memory used
  • The log output shows:

    • START RequestId
    • END RequestId
    • REPORT RequestId