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Demo Swift Hello World

Demo Swift Hello World

Hello World

This demonstration shows:

  • Swift programming language with Apple Xcode iOS

  • How to create a view that shows "Hello World" on the screen.

There are multiple git branches so pick the one you want:

  • master: current Swift, Xcode, iOS; equivalent to branch swift-4-xocde-9.

  • swift-4-xcode-9: Swift version 4, Xcode version 9, iOS version 11.

  • swift-3-xcode-8: Swift version 3, Xcode version 8, iOS version 10.

To use this project:

  • You can clone this repo.

  • Or you can create the project yourself by using this README that explains how to do it.

Create the project

Launch Xcode.

Choose "File" → "New" → "Project".

You see the dialog "Choose a template for your new project".

  • Choose the "iOS" radio button.

  • Choose the "Single View Application" icon.

  • Tap the button "Next".

You see the dialog "Choose options for your new project".

  • For "Product Name", type "Demo Swift Hello World".

  • For "Organization Name", type anything you want. Typically this is your company's name, or team's name, or similiar. For example, "Example Company".

  • For "Organization Identifier", type anything you want. Typically this is your company's reverse domain name. For example, "com.example".

  • Tap the button "Next".

You see the file chooser.

  • Choose where to save your project.

  • Tap the button "Create".

  • Xcode creates the project.

Sign the project

If Xcode shows a "Signing" area with a "Status" alert icon, here's how to solve it.

  • Xcode may show a message such as "Signing for "Demo Swift Hello World" requires a development team. Select a development team in the project editor."

  • In the same "Signing" section, choose the "Team" dropdown, and choose your Apple ID.

  • If there's no Apple ID, then you need to add yours: Xcode → Preferences → Accounts → the "+" button → Add Apple ID

Run the project

Run the project for the first time.

  • Xcode → Product → Run

  • This is simply to verify that the project runs so far.

The Simulator launches.

  • The Simulator shows a blank screen.

  • Quit the Simulator and go back to using Xcode.

Create the label

Open the view.

  • In the left Xcode column, Tap the icon "Main.storyboard".

  • In the next Xcode column, Tap the icon "View Controller Scene", then "View Controller", then "View".

  • In the central Xcode column, you see the "View Controller" layout area, and the view box is all blue, which means it is selected.

Add a label.

  • In the lower-right Xcode area, there is a library picker, with four icons that have rollover tool tips: "Show the File Template library", "Show the Code Snippet library", "Show the Object library", "Show the Media library".

  • Tap the circle icon "Show the Object Library".

  • Scroll until you see the "Label" item.

  • Drag-and-drop the "Label" item to the middle of the View Controller layout area.

  • Double-tap the label to edit the text; edit the text to say "Hello World".

Center the label

Center the label by adding constraints.

  • Control-tap-press the label, and drag right. This pops up a menu. Choose "Center Vertically in a Safe Area"

  • Control-tap-press the label, and drag down. This pops up a menu. Choose "Center Horizontally in a Safe Area"


  • In the central Xcode column, in the lower right area, tap the icon that is a refresh circle arrow, with the tool tip "Update Frames".

  • The text field resets to its constraints, which make it the correct size, and center it in the view.


Run the project.

  • Xcode → Product → Run

The Simulator launches.

  • The Simulator shows "Hello World".

  • Congratulations! You're successful!


  • Package: demo_swift_hello_world
  • Version: 4.0.0
  • Created: 2016-04-09
  • Updated: 2017-09-27
  • License: BSD, GPL, MIT
  • Contact: Joel Parker Henderson (