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April 16, 2011
* New edition: 2011-04-16
* Unit tests for all options and some core functions
* A number of small typo and message fixes
* JSHint is now a JavaScript/JSON parser only
(ADSafe, HTML, CSS related code was removed)
* JSHint now supports function-scoped options
* JSHint now supports both /*jshint and /*jslint
* JSHint now supports shebangs (#!)
* Added support for typed array globals
* Allowed the use of variables/functions before definition.
(option 'latedef' to disallow)
* Fixed a bug with 'forin' option
* Fixed Rhino wrapper's CLI options support
* Fixed a bug with JSHint leaking internal variables
* Added option 'expr' to allow ExpressionStatement as valid Program
* Added an option 'prototypejs' to pre-define Prototype globals
* Added XPathResult et al. to the 'browser' option
* Added support for 'undefined' as a function parameter
* Option 'boss' has now precedence over 'eqeqeq' when it comes to '== null'
* Fixed a bug with JSHint parsing getters/setters as function statements
* Added an option 'mootools' to pre-define MooTools globals
* Added an option 'globalstrict' to allow the use of global strict mode
* Added HTMLElement to the browser environment
* Added support for the void operator
* Fixed a bug with 'new Array'
* Added option 'white' to check for trailing whitespaces
March 01, 2011
* New edition: 2011-03-02
* When library is used from Rhino, you can provide options via command line arguments
* Added new HTML5 globals to the 'browser' option
* Tolerate == null when boss:true
* Tolerate undefined variables in the typeof and delete
* Tolerate undefined as a formal parameter
* Recognize new Array(<expr>) as a valid expression
* Added support for explicit case statement fallthroughs (using special comments)
* Added third formal parameter to JSHINT for specifying pre-defined globals
* New option 'asi' to tolerate the use of automatic semicolon insertion
* New option 'jquery' to assume jQuery environment
* New option 'couch' to assume CouchDB environment
February 19, 2011
* New edition: 2011-02-19
* Library can act as a Node.js module and a Rhino program
* Tolerate single statements in if/for/while constructions ('curly' to disallow)
* Tolerate arguments.callee and arguments.caller ('noarg' to disallow)
* Tolerate empty blocks ('noempty' to disallow)
* Tolerate the use of `new` for side-effects ('nonew' to disallow)
* Less strict styling check by default ('white' to revert)
* New option 'boss' to tolerate assignments inside if/for/while
* New option 'node' to assume Node environment
January 19, 2011
* Forked JSLint from the edition 2010-12-16