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@joelucid joelucid released this Oct 22, 2019 · 24 commits to pp41 since this release

BetaFlight Performance Edition (BFPE) F3 brings high performance quad flight to F3 targets.

As of 4.1 BF doesn't officially support F3 targets. But with some love most of these targets will still compile. Of course that isn't enough: you want rpm filtering, dynamic idle, interpolated ff, 2nd lpfs, tpa_mode, throttle_boost etc and these features aren't included on F3 or are too cpu intensive to work well.

BFPE solves this by creating custom hex files for each type of receiver, removing unnecessary features and introducing an overclocking feature on f3.

Here are some examples of what was taken out: Servos, custom mixers, acro trainer, vtx tables.

There's a new cpu_overclock feature which supports overclocking from it's default 72mhz to 128mhz in 8mhz steps. 120mhz works most of the time. 128mhz has yet to work on a single board. Almost all more modern boards use virtual usb (VCP) which only works on 72mhz. On these boards there are overclocking options of the form 120mhz_vcp which only overclock if there isn't an usb device connected at boot time. Use either these options or connect Configurator via a serial port.

At 120 mhz SPI gyro boards should easily do 4k4k with rpm filter. I2C gyro boards should work with 4k2k.

Unfortunately the targets BETAFLIGHTF3 and FF_PIKOBLX don't support rpm filtering yet due to resource conflicts.

This has been some significant work. If you like this release consider supporting me by purchasing a JESC license to run rpm filtering on blheli_s hw ( Or by making a Donation.

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