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# handle CommonJS/Node.js or browser
sysmo = require?('sysmo') || window?.Sysmo
TemplateConfig = require?('./TemplateConfig') || window?.json2json.TemplateConfig
# class definition
class ObjectTemplate
constructor: (config, parent) ->
@config = new TemplateConfig config
@parent = parent
transform: (data) =>
node = @nodeToProcess data
return null if !node?
# process properties
switch sysmo.type node
when 'Array' then @processArray node
when 'Object' then @processMap node
else null #node
# assume each array element is a map
processArray: (node) =>
# convert array to hash if config.arrayToMap is true
context = if @config.arrayToMap then {} else []
for element, index in node #when @config.processable node, element, index
# convert the index to a key if converting array to map
# @updateContext handles the context type automatically
key = if @config.arrayToMap then @chooseKey(element) else index
# don't call @processMap because it can lead to double nesting if @config.nestTemplate is true
value = @createMapStructure(element)
@updateContext context, element, value, key
processMap: (node) =>
context = @createMapStructure node
if @config.nestTemplate and (nested_key = @chooseKey(node))
nested_context = {}
nested_context[nested_key] = context;
context = nested_context
createMapStructure: (node) =>
context = {}
return @chooseValue(node, context) if !@config.nestTemplate
# loop through properties to pick up any key/values that should be nested
for key, value of node when @config.processable node, value, key
# call @getNode() to register the use of the property on that node
nested = @getNode(node, key)
value = @chooseValue nested
@updateContext context, nested, value, key
chooseKey: (node) =>
result = @config.getKey node
when 'value' then result.value
when 'path' then @getNode node, result.value
else null
chooseValue: (node, context = {}) =>
result = @config.getValue node
when 'value' then result.value
when 'path' then @getNode node, result.value
when 'template' then @processTemplate node, context, result.value
else null
processTemplate: (node, context, template = {}) =>
# loop through properties in template
for key, value of template
# process mapping instructions
switch sysmo.type value
# string should be the path to a property on the current node
when 'String' then filter = (node, path) => result = @getNode(node, path) or null
# array gets multiple property values
when 'Array' then filter = (node, paths) => @getNode(node, path) for path in paths
# function is a custom filter for the node
when 'Function' then filter = (node, value) =>, node, key)
when 'Object' then filter = (node, config) => new @constructor(config, @).transform node
else filter = (node, value) -> value
value = filter(node, value)
@updateContext context, node, value, key
@processRemaining context, node
processRemaining: (context, node) =>
# loop through properties to pick up any key/values that should be chosen.
# skip if node property already used, the property was specified by the template, or it should not be choose.
for key, value of node when !@pathAccessed(node, key) and key not in context and @config.processable node, value, key
@updateContext context, node, value, key
updateContext: (context, node, value, key) =>
# format key and value
formatted = @config.applyFormatting node, value, key
@aggregateValue context, formatted.key, formatted.value
aggregateValue: (context, key, value) =>
return context if !value?
# if context is an array, just add the value
if sysmo.isArray(context)
return context
existing = context[key]
return context if @config.aggregate context, key, value, existing
if !existing?
context[key] = value
else if !sysmo.isArray(existing)
context[key] = [existing, value]
context[key].push value
nodeToProcess: (node) =>
@getNode node, @config.getPath()
getNode: (node, path) =>
return null if !path
return node if path is '.'
@paths node, path
sysmo.getDeepValue node, path, true
pathAccessed: (node, path) =>
key = path.split('.')[0]
@paths(node).indexOf(key) isnt -1
# track the first property in a path for each node through object tree
paths: (node, path) =>
path = path.split('.')[0] if path
@pathNodes or= @parent and @parent.pathNodes or []
@pathCache or= @parent and @parent.pathCache or []
index = @pathNodes.indexOf node
if !path
return if index isnt -1 then @pathCache[index] else []
if index is -1
paths = []
@pathNodes.push node
@pathCache.push paths
paths = @pathCache[index]
paths.push(path) if path and paths.indexOf(path) == -1
# register module (CommonJS/Node.js) or handle browser
if module?
module.exports = ObjectTemplate
window.json2json or= {}
window.json2json.ObjectTemplate = ObjectTemplate
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