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documented usage of withNewSession in events section

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12 grails-doc/src/guide/5.5.1 Events and Auto Timestamping.gdoc
@@ -10,6 +10,10 @@ GORM supports the registration of events as methods that get fired when certain
To add an event simply register the relevant closure with your domain class.
+Do not attempt to flush the session within an event (such as with Since events are fired during flushing this will cause a StackOverflowError.
h3. Event types
h4. The beforeInsert event
@@ -56,12 +60,18 @@ class Person {
Date lastUpdated
def beforeDelete() {
- new ActivityTrace(eventName:"Person Deleted",data:name).save()
+ ActivityTrace.withNewSession {
+ new ActivityTrace(eventName:"Person Deleted",data:name).save()
+ }
+Notice the usage of @withNewSession@ method above. Since events are triggered whilst Hibernate is flushing using persistence methods like @save()@ and @delete()@ won't result in objects being saved unless you run your operations with a new @Session@.
+Fortunately the @withNewSession@ method allows you to share the same transactional JDBC connection even though you're using a different underlying @Session@.
h4. The onLoad event
Fired when an object is loaded from the db:
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