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The flags for "perf c2c record" are:
Usage: perf c2c record [<options>] [<command>]
or: perf c2c record [<options>] -- <command> [<options>]
-e, --event <event> event selector. Use 'perf mem record -e list' to list available events
-k, --all-kernel collect only kernel level data
-l, --ldlat <n> setup mem-loads latency
-u, --all-user collect only user level data
-v, --verbose be more verbose (show counter open errors, etc)
The flags for "perf c2c report" are:
-c, --coalesce <coalesce fields>
coalesce fields: pid,tid,iaddr,dso
-d, --display ... lcl,rmt
-g, --call-graph <print_type,threshold[,print_limit],order,sort_key[,branch],value>
Display call graph (stack chain/backtrace):
print_type: call graph printing style (graph|flat|fractal|folded|none)
threshold: minimum call graph inclusion threshold (<percent>)
print_limit: maximum number of call graph entry (<number>)
order: call graph order (caller|callee)
sort_key: call graph sort key (function|address)
branch: include last branch info to call graph (branch)
value: call graph value (percent|period|count)
Default: graph,0.5,caller,function,percent
-i, --input <file> the input file to process
-k, --vmlinux <file> vmlinux pathname
-N, --node-info show extra node info in report (repeat for more info)
-v, --verbose be more verbose (show counter open errors, etc)
--full-symbols Display full lenght of symbols
--stats Use the stdio interface
--stdio Use the stdio interface